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Wesero GmbH, Sprockhövel, has been setting standards in its industry for more than 70 years.

Wesero Hightec GmbH

Quality with tradition

WESERO Hightec GmbH – based in the Ruhr area is a leading supplier of machines and processes for mechanical and chemical surface treatment. National and competent contacts are available to the international clientele via a wide-ranging network of cooperation.

Wesero Hightec GmbH, Sprockhövel, has been setting standards in its industry for more than 50 years. With its employees, the company is one of the top addresses in Europe and the world when it comes to the design and manufacture of surface processing machines and systems for the metal, electronics and textile industries. Whether, for example, Aluminium sheets in wings of aircraft, roofing and rain gutters made of copper sheet, fabric covers for car roofing, leather in the shoe industry or linoleum for carpet production: Before finishing, the surfaces of the materials were often cleaned, stained, brushed or egalituced by a Wesero Hightec GmbH system. The export share of the Sprockhövel machine builder is approx. 70 percent. Business relations extend beyond Europe to the USA and Southeast Asia. In process engineering, Wesero Hightec GmbH attaches great importance to environmental protection. For example, the company has developed a completely new chemical-free process based on high pressure and water for degreasing degreasing deflating oils on film and thick strip materials. The water is returned to the cleaning process in an environmentally friendly manner via appropriate filter and treatment technology. Nevertheless, Wesero’s excellent technical know-how is not limited to cleaning and brushing surfaces. This is what cooperation with the aircraft industry stands for. For example, a deburring machine for aluminium sheets is currently being built in Sprockhövel in order to deburr and separate machine parts milled in the package from the plates.  “This order from Shorts Brothers – Bombardier was already a big challenge for us, especially as the demands in the aircraft industry are particularly high. The difficulty here is to separate the differently thick sheets (0.38 to 3.18 mm), to bring them into the deburring machine according to fit and to stack them later again in a congruent manner without attacking the sheet metal surface.”


History of the company Wesero


Founded in 1947 by Mr. Gustav Rohde sen. and Mr. Helmut Wellershaus in a small backyard in Sprockhövel Germany.


As early as 1960, we developed, designed and manufactured our machines and systems in Germany, at our company headquarters in Sprockhövel. Therefore all our products bear the quality mark “Made in Germany”.

Customers from all over the world purchase complete and high quality solutions. The projects are individually tailored to customer requirements and implemented in close cooperation with our customers. Our aim is to achieve the best quality, high availability and the greatest possible economic efficiency.



Production and distribution in Sprockhövel, Germany

Office building and production area: 4.000 m²
Number of employees: 110



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