Brushing machines for printed circuit boards

Our more than 50 years of experience in the production of brushing machines for high-quality printed circuit boards has led us to build our new machines on the repetitive basic types. We have developed the “Universal Compact” system for these basic types.

Wesero Hightec GmbH

Universal compact technology

In accordance with the specific requirements for the mechanical and chemical surface processing of printed circuit boards, the Universal is used compactly for

Sophisticated portal design brings advantages for operation and accessibility. The engine compartment and the wet room are located next to each other, not among each other. Hoods, tubs and claddingcans can be removed without tools. Particularly stressed transport and counter-pressure rollers are ball
-bearing. The design of all machines using high-quality stainless steels and plastics meets the highest quality standards.

Universal compact basic model

Universal basic model with high-pressure flushing (max. 60 bar)

Universal basic model with second brushing module for optimal deburring and high-pressure rinsing

UNIVERSAL basic model with upstream chemical deoxidation/degreasing stage and recirculation stage


Modulübersicht U600

Environmental protection

With our puROMAT copper fine filter for almost 100% reuse of water. Filter fineness up to 0.5 micron.
Metallic copper in circulating water max. 1 ppm (1 mg/l).

Water throughput according to device size of 50 – 500 l/min.

The standard filters up to size 100 are fully integrated into the brushing machine without any additional space requirements.

Copper fine filter PUROMAT

Technische Daten

One-sided double storage of the brush shaft

With the Universal 450 compact in stable needle bearings, with the Universal 600 compact in oil hydrodynamic plain bearings (patent 2712921.1/14). The latter is completely maintenance-free with the fully integrated and encapsulated oscillation (guarantee 10,000 operating hours).

The function of the plain bearing is based on the simple principle of “hydrodynamic lubrication”.

The rotation of the shaft in the bearing shell inevitably creates a flow process in the lubricating gap filled with lubricant. The liquid pressures developed by friction and pressing exert such strong forces on the superimposed surfaces of the shaft and bearing that the shaft is lifted off the bearing shell even under the greatest load and floats on the lubricating film without metallic contact and automatically absolutely centered.

The operational reliability and extremely long service life of our brush shaft bearing is based on this principle.

With this unparalleled technology, Wesero provides PCB manufacturers with a piece of cutting-edge technology.

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